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The best picks for the best price

We offer you the best deal at the best price. Why would you pay hundreds of euros for a pick, when a fraction of this number you can get great tips? Of course there may be small troughs, but on a long-term the hit ratio will be around 80% which is more than excellent!

Choose from our offers!

Choose the package that best suits your needs and budget...

There are several excellent offers for you. The longer subscribes gives you favorable conditions.

Start to raise your bankroll today. It can be the free pick or the premium subscription, sure you want be dissapointed and the anticipated results will come. All you have to do is follow our experts bids.

  • 1 TRIAL: 5 single 20€ more...
  • 2 BASIC: 20 single / month 50€ more...
  • 3 PREMIUM: 60 single / 3 months 130€ more...
  • 4 PREMIUM PRO: 120 single / 6 months 200€ more...

Payment terms

Currently the subscription is possible via moneybookers.
The details of the payment will be sent you via e-mail if you claim one of our package.


How does it work?

You get our picks until 15 o'clock every day.

Subscribe to a package and every day we send the pick on your e-mail until 15 o'clock.

Responsible gaming

The game is fun and it can also bring benefits.

But you can't win every time. Losing is also part of the game, so be responsible to play and don't risk such amount money which you can't afford to lose. The for the potential loss does not assume any liability!